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Laproscopy surgery

Small Bowl Surgery

Surgery on the small intestine is one of the most frequently done procedures in our surgical practice.

Gastric Surgery

Surgery for ulcers will be in the form of partial gastrectomy called as Gastric Surgery.

Liver surgery

Polycystic liver disease is another uncommon condition and can be associated with polycystic.

Esophageal Surgery

Intentional or accidental ingestion of corrosive acid or alkali can lead to severe.

Pancreatic Surgery

A pancreaticoduodenectomy, also known as a Whipple procedure, involves the removal.

Colorectall Surgery

Uncommon hereditary disease of the colon presenting with multiple polyps all over the colon.

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About Dr.Manubhai Pipliya

A renowned Gastro surgeon, laparoscopic surgeon and gastroenterologist working as a full time senior consultant in the Department of Surgical Gastroenterology and Laparoscopic Surgery at Purvi Laparoscopy Surgery Centre, Ahmedabad.
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Ultra short stay laparoscopic cholecystectomy

Ultra short stay laparoscopic hernia repair

Ultra short stay surgery for piles,fissure and fistula Video assisted Fistula treatment (VAAFT)

Ultra short stay appendicectomy
All these operations are done on a short stay basis where the patient gets operated in the morning and gets discharged in the afternoon after a short stay of 5,6 hours.